Could This Be The Ultimate
Charter Adventure?

Why not take 2022 out and spend the time on the most amazing adventure circumnavigating the world?

Can you imagine sailing around the world, for an entire year, on your very own Oyster? Freedom to go where you would like to, when you want and with whoever you choose. The Oyster 825, was designed and built for discovery and adventure and now we have made it possible for you to take that trip of a lifetime and to explore the whole world, in luxury. This could be your time.

For cruising travellers who have a bucket list of long-desired locations and an ambition to take the trip of a lifetime - Champagne Hippy makes it all possible, alongside the comfort and style of a super yacht experience.

World class crew

Champagne Hippy has its own crew of 2; Captain Dudley who, encourages you to take the ropes as much or as little as you wish. Dudley enthuses about the exhilaration of watching the speed of the boat go right up to 12 knots, feeling her heal over and cut through the water. Of course, he also very much welcomes the boats’ fully hydraulic power to thrusters and sails, and the full auto-pilot.

Depending on your choice of voyage, there maybe many legs to your journey - so even the most experienced traveller will be pleased to be in the safe and capable hands of Champagne Hippy and her crew.

Dudley’s partner is award winning Chef, Samantha who loves to use local, fresh produce to serve up a wonderful repertoire of simply delicious dishes. If cooking is your thing, she can introduce you to artisan food markets and local suppliers and will open up the kitchen to let you do your stuff.

If not, sit back, relax an enjoy sampling the culinary delights she serves.

Hop on and off

You and your guests may stay on the boat the whole time, or choose to the meet the boat along various legs of the journey. You will be free to sail this ocean thoroughbred, with electric winches, sail controls, and auto-pilot systems, boat handling is exhilarating fun or if you prefer, you can simply lay back on a sun lounger, take in the sea air and watch the dolphins. 


While the crew attends to every need on-board, they are supported by a dedicated remote concierge team back in the UK who can open doors to some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants and VIP experiences creating the voyage around any event, commitment or celebration. There is an undeniable spirit of adventure that is endemic aboard Champagne Hippy, where anything is possible. Simply discovering that feeling of complete freedom of the world’s oceans is life changing, has created simply the most memorable experience available for world charter and it all starts in 2022.

Is this your time?

There is an undeniable spirit of adventure that is endemic aboard Champagne Hippy - you really feel like anything is possible. Simply discovering that feeling of complete freedom is life changing - add that to the opportunity to design the time of your life - we think yes, this could be one of the most memorable experiences you could have -if you’ve got the spirit - this is the way to do it.


To enquire about this trip of a life time, fill in the form below or call us on 01702 258885 or email